Free Throw Woes: Kansas Defeats Memphis

Up nine points with 2:12 to go in the game, it appeared the Memphis Tigers would win the National Championship game. With time against them, the Kansas Jayhawks had no choice but to foul to extend the game. As any basketball fan knows, to win a game down the stretch you will have to make free throws.

All season long, despite winning an NCAA record 38 games, Memphis was a terrible free throw shooting team. At one point this season they were 347th out of 350 NCAA teams in free throw shooting percentage. Ouch. Many pundits argued that this Tiger “Dream Team” was good enough to overcome the deficiency. In fact they shot much better during tournament play.

But on Monday night on the biggest stage, they missed four of five free throws allowing Kansas to stay in the game. Mario Chalmers took advantage, hitting a 3-pointer with 2.1 seconds left to force overtime. The Jayhawks had all the momentum and controlled the extra period, winning 75-68.

In a sporting event there are often five to ten moments that can change the momentum and outcome of the game. But I’ll disregard that by simply stating the obvious. If you hit your free throws you will win the game. Sure, the opponent could trade 2 for 3 and close the gap, but a free throw is a much higher percentage shot than a contested 3-pointer.

Free throw shooting is truly a lost art. Even guards, traditionally the best shooters on the court have trailed off in recent years.

Perhaps the modern basketball culture has gotten too caught up in alley-oops, step back threes, crossovers and thundering dunks. True, the free throw is not glamorous. It will never appear on a poster, but it wins games. Any player who cares about winning should step back 15 feet and shoot until it becomes natural. As natural as winning a championship.

AP Photos by Mark Humphrey.

Colourslide – Colourslide

Colourslide - Colourslide
Rating: 4.0
Release Date: Feb 20, 2008
Critic Review – Alternative Addiction

After losing their lead singer in 2005, the band – then known as Time – faced a crossroad. After meeting former Melbourne singer, Alex Lawhon the new band’s sessions resulted in the self released, self titled album Colourslide. Featuring producer Ted Comerford and mixed by Ken Andrews the album proves this alt-rock band has heart, can survive and can rock.

Favorite Tracks

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Wake Up Call (ReMix)

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Battlestar Galactica: All Will Be Revealed

Battlestar Galactica Logo

After a year and a half break – partially due to the writers strike – Battlestar Galactica finally returned Friday night for it’s fourth and final season. The season premiere picked up right were the final episode of season three left off and the episode didn’t disappoint.

For anyone who has never seen the latest incarnation of Battlestar Galactica, you should. Male or female, Sci Fi fan or not, you will be fraking addicted. Remember the Lay’s ad campaign, “Bet you can’t eat just one”? Well, I bet you can’t watch just one episode.

Bottom line, it is the second best show on television (Lost). This is not a Sci Fi show. This is an action packed, culturally relevant drama set in a Sci Fi world. The show deals with very human issues like racism, religion, trust, perseverance, terrorism, oppression, love and sacrifice. By utilizing the Sci Fi genre developer, writer and executive producer Ronald D. Moore is able to provoke genuine emotion and self examination in a way that a traditional drama never could.

The final season is airing Friday nights at 10pm on the Sci Fi Network. If you are not up to date, I recommend watching the mini-series and the first three seasons. You can rent them on Netflix, buy them on or catch up on some recent episodes on the web via SCI FI Rewind.

Where’d Ya Go?

Well, hello there. Can it have been 6 months since I last posted? What a slacker. Let see, what’s been going on…

We’ve been in Charlotte, NC for almost a year now. Myjive is full time, going strong and certainly busy. Maybe that can be my excuse…

Instead I’ll just say – I’m back to being an active blogger. I’ve got a lot to say. And a lot of music to tell you about. Plus, I need to rant.

Oh, and I’ve updated to WordPress 2.5 and implemented a new theme. It’s more streamlined and optimized.

SEC East: Best Division in College Football

Let me preface this with full disclosure, I’m a University of Florida grad and huge Gator fan. With that said, the proof is undeniable. The Southeastern Conference (SEC) East division is the best division of any conference in all of college football. Let’s take a look at the teams:

south carolina logo#7 South Carolina (5-1)
The Ol’ Ball Coach, Steve Spurrier is winning with running and defense. The Cocks already defeated Georgia and gave the LSU Tigets a run for it’s money in Baton Rouge.

florida logo#13 Florida (4-2)
Despite being a very young team (60% underclassmen), the Gators destroyed Tennessee and held a 10 point fourth quarter lead on #1 LSU. It appear Florida has a dominant leader in Tim Tebow.

kentucky logo#17 Kentucky (5-1)
This isn’t the same old Cats. Kentucky now has some football players. Clutch QB Andre’ Woodson is a Heisman candidate who lead UK to a miraculous upset of then #9 Louisville.

georgia logo#24 Georgia (4-2)
Backed by a tough defense and after finally finding a leader in QB Matthew Stafford, Georgia continues to be a road warrior under coach Mark Richt. But can the win in “neutral” Jacksonville?

tennessee logo#25 Tennessee (3-2)
Despite the blowout loss to Florida, the Volunteers played current #2 California to the wire on the road and recently knocked of Georgia by 21 points. If their defense remains stout it will be a tough out.

vanderbilt logoVanderbilt (3-2)
The Commodores are the perennial division cellar dweller, but they always hangs tough particularly at home. And they have a winning record…

The body of work speaks for itself. With five ranked teams and every team with a winning record, despite competing in the most difficult conference in the country, the East is a beast to be feared.

Talib Kweli – Eardrum

Talib Kweli - Eardrum
Rating: 3.5
Release Date: 08/14/2001
Critic Review

Accepting his nerdy, mellow, yet confident persona, Talib Kweli’s latest release Eardrum is about the journey. Separating himself from the other “bad-ass” rappers, Talib focuses on life and spirituality.

Favorite Tracks

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