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Comment Posting Fixed

With the recent update to WordPress 2.5 and my new theme, the commenting function was no longer working. I found the problem and have fixed it. Thanks for letting me know, Jesse! So, feel free to post comments…

WordPress Netflix Plugin 3.0

WordPressLess than a week after the release of version 2.2, I have completed a major upgrade to the Netflix plugin for WordPress.

Based on requests from users for greater flexibility, I implemented a movie class. This new class along with the new netflix_movies() function, movies can be displayed in nearly any format in a page or in the sidebar. You can display covers horizontally or list them out with their description (also new to this version). The possibilities are only limited by your willingness to engage.

Live Examples:

WordPress Netflix Plugin 2.0

Less than a week after the release of version 1.0, I have an upgraded version of the Netflix plugin for WordPress.

New features:
Added tab to Plugins menu to set variables throught the wp-admin console.
Added before/after option to add html before and after display.

WordPress Netflix Plugin

I have created a plugin for WordPress that lets you display information from your Netflix account. This includes text and images from your queue, recommendations and recent activity.

Check out the official plugin page. You can see an example of the plugin in my sidebar where I display the covers for the 3 movies I currently have at home.