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To Apple: iPhone Feedback

iPhoneAfter 3 months with my iPhone, I felt it was time to give Apple my feedback. I sent the following through their iPhone Feedback System:

First, I love the iPhone and it’s capabilities. But, I have a few issues.

  1. Native Chat Program. Why is this application not on the phone. You are constantly connected to the web via Edge or Wi-fi. This seems like a no-brainer. Yes, I can go through a 3rd party website (meebo), but for security and ease of use this should be native to the device.
  2. 3rd Party Apps. Please don’t feel threatened by these. This will only enhance my iPhone experience. You are running a version of OSX on the device and people have already “hacked” their way into installing apps. You should be encouraging this. Bottom line, if this is to be considered a “Smartphone” and you wish to compete in that market, this is a necessity. Windows and Palm based phones already allow this. What is the holdout?
  3. MMS. Even the most basic camera phones have this ability to some degree. Again, why would this not be included in such a “revolutionary” phone?
  4. Multiple Calendar syncing. I can not sync multiple/selected calendars in Outlook 2007, despite the appearance of the option in iTunes.
  5. Flash. 95% market saturation on computers and this excluded from the first “true” web browser on a phone? This has discouraged several people I know from pulling the trigger on purchasing the iPhone. Personally, it is baffling…
  6. Safari Tweaking. Including addons/plugins would be nice and it would be nice to have little more control of the browsing experience (ie. Firefox).
  7. Ringtones. I understand Apple wants to make money, but why can we not put our own ringtones on the devise without going through iTunes. This feature exists in a majority of phones with custom ringtones. It is often just a drag-and-drop process. Is the extra money really worth the hassle to your other customers?

I could go on, but these are the most important to me. Let me reiterate, I love the iPhone and it’s current functionality. Most of my problems are with features that should have been included initially in a smart/media phone. All of these can be resolved with software/firmware updates. I encourage you to do so and this will truly be the best phone on the market.