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Top 5 – Too Much Grand Theft Auto 4?

Grand Theft Auto 4 CoverIf you have a next generation gaming console, odds are you were one of the millions of people who purchased Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA 4). I hadn’t played a GTA game since the original on a PC, but the reviews convinced me to give this one a try. Not only are the graphics and audio ridiculous, the physics and AI are off the charts. It is so realistic!

I found myself hooked. So much so that I started thinking about the game while driving around doing everyday tasks. Thoughts kept popping into my head. I present them now as the Top 5 ways to know you’ve played too much Grand Theft Auto.

5. You start wondering how much money nearby pedestrians have on them.

4. You think you can squeeze down the middle of the cars on a two lane road.

3. You doubt anyone would really hit you if you drive fast enough through an intersection.

2. You start justifying giving The Intimidator move to the jerk next to you.

1. You get excited about a straightaway in front of a pile of dirt. Stunt Jump!

Comment Posting Fixed

With the recent update to WordPress 2.5 and my new theme, the commenting function was no longer working. I found the problem and have fixed it. Thanks for letting me know, Jesse! So, feel free to post comments…

To Apple: iPhone Feedback

iPhoneAfter 3 months with my iPhone, I felt it was time to give Apple my feedback. I sent the following through their iPhone Feedback System:

First, I love the iPhone and it’s capabilities. But, I have a few issues.

  1. Native Chat Program. Why is this application not on the phone. You are constantly connected to the web via Edge or Wi-fi. This seems like a no-brainer. Yes, I can go through a 3rd party website (meebo), but for security and ease of use this should be native to the device.
  2. 3rd Party Apps. Please don’t feel threatened by these. This will only enhance my iPhone experience. You are running a version of OSX on the device and people have already “hacked” their way into installing apps. You should be encouraging this. Bottom line, if this is to be considered a “Smartphone” and you wish to compete in that market, this is a necessity. Windows and Palm based phones already allow this. What is the holdout?
  3. MMS. Even the most basic camera phones have this ability to some degree. Again, why would this not be included in such a “revolutionary” phone?
  4. Multiple Calendar syncing. I can not sync multiple/selected calendars in Outlook 2007, despite the appearance of the option in iTunes.
  5. Flash. 95% market saturation on computers and this excluded from the first “true” web browser on a phone? This has discouraged several people I know from pulling the trigger on purchasing the iPhone. Personally, it is baffling…
  6. Safari Tweaking. Including addons/plugins would be nice and it would be nice to have little more control of the browsing experience (ie. Firefox).
  7. Ringtones. I understand Apple wants to make money, but why can we not put our own ringtones on the devise without going through iTunes. This feature exists in a majority of phones with custom ringtones. It is often just a drag-and-drop process. Is the extra money really worth the hassle to your other customers?

I could go on, but these are the most important to me. Let me reiterate, I love the iPhone and it’s current functionality. Most of my problems are with features that should have been included initially in a smart/media phone. All of these can be resolved with software/firmware updates. I encourage you to do so and this will truly be the best phone on the market.


WordPress Netflix Plugin 3.0

WordPressLess than a week after the release of version 2.2, I have completed a major upgrade to the Netflix plugin for WordPress.

Based on requests from users for greater flexibility, I implemented a movie class. This new class along with the new netflix_movies() function, movies can be displayed in nearly any format in a page or in the sidebar. You can display covers horizontally or list them out with their description (also new to this version). The possibilities are only limited by your willingness to engage.

Live Examples:

Non-Nerd: PS3 vs. 360 vs. Wii

Whew, I’m glad you’re actually reading this… I know if I saw another one of these I was going to scream. So, I decided to break it down for everyone who is not a big nerd.

  PS3 360 Wii
Color black white white
Weight your dad can carry your mom can carry your little brother can carry
Technology advanced advanced yes
Online Gaming uh huh if you pay of course
Cost rob a bank rob a credit union rob a 7-11
NCAA 07 in HD in HD in your dreams
Availability yeah, right yup nope
If you buy… you might go broke you might be supporting the devil you might be a japanese schoolgirl

Where My Photos At?

Flickr LogoWell, Flickr can tell you! Yesterday, Flickr (purchased by Yahoo!) launched geotagging. You can now tag where you took your photos. There have been 1.2 million photos geotagged in 24 hours. What’s the big deal? Well, it further enhances the current tagging ability of photos. It is not a virtual memory – you now know the where, when and what of your albums.

Check out the map of our photograph taken in Times Square. You can see other people’s photos from the area. I have geotagged most of my images and will be adding more shortly.

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