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Where My Photos At?

Flickr LogoWell, Flickr can tell you! Yesterday, Flickr (purchased by Yahoo!) launched geotagging. You can now tag where you took your photos. There have been 1.2 million photos geotagged in 24 hours. What’s the big deal? Well, it further enhances the current tagging ability of photos. It is not a virtual memory – you now know the where, when and what of your albums.

Check out the map of our photograph taken in Times Square. You can see other people’s photos from the area. I have geotagged most of my images and will be adding more shortly.

No More Blogrot

So, yes, this blog still works. No, I’m not dead. Yes, I’ve been busy. No, I’m not ignoring you. Yes, you can post comments – do it! No, I don’t want spam. Yes, I will post more often.

I am vowing to not let this site sucumb to Blogrot… I guess I just made that word up. I’m going to have to be a big nerd and post it on Wikipedia.

v. blogrot┬Ěting

  1. The process of an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts
      published on a Web page
    a. Becoming damaged, weakened, or useless
    b. Decaying; becoming degenerate

Ask A Ninja

If you haven’t seen Ask A Ninja yet, you’re in for a good laugh. It’s brought to you by a couple guys in LA who dig comedy an do improv. As they say, “We make shit up and people laugh. Sometimes.” People email the Ninja questions and he answers them on a quasi-weekly basis. Here is my favorite episode where he answers a ton of questions in one sitting:

You can find out more on the website ( or subscribe to the video podcast on iTunes.

Big Changes

Wow, a lot has happened in the past few weeks… Here’s the lowdown:

I finally worked up the nerve to ask Katie to marry me. After a lot of sobbing and face covering I finally got an “Uh huh” followed shortly thereafter by a real “Yes”. This was in the morning, so we had to hide it from our families until they met (for the first time) that evening. It was a surprise to the parents, but our siblings had a pretty good idea it was coming. So now we’re a “package deal” as we like to call it. And no, we do not have a date. Don’t ask. If you do, the answer is February 31st, 2011… on Mars.

We’re moving! Yes, after many years the stronghold of Gainesville will finally be broken. I’ll miss the fall football, but I’ll be back for some games. Our eventual destination is Charlotte, NC. But, we’ve got a year detour in Richmond, VA (courtesy of Connie). This weekend, the Fantastic Four (myself, Katie, Ronnie and Connie) made the long drive to the Commonwealth and a place to call our homes.

That’s the big news in my life…


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Albert the Alligator ESPN Commercial

The crocodile hunter runs into Albert the Alligator at ESPN headquarters.

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