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Top 5 – Too Much Grand Theft Auto 4?

Grand Theft Auto 4 CoverIf you have a next generation gaming console, odds are you were one of the millions of people who purchased Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA 4). I hadn’t played a GTA game since the original on a PC, but the reviews convinced me to give this one a try. Not only are the graphics and audio ridiculous, the physics and AI are off the charts. It is so realistic!

I found myself hooked. So much so that I started thinking about the game while driving around doing everyday tasks. Thoughts kept popping into my head. I present them now as the Top 5 ways to know you’ve played too much Grand Theft Auto.

5. You start wondering how much money nearby pedestrians have on them.

4. You think you can squeeze down the middle of the cars on a two lane road.

3. You doubt anyone would really hit you if you drive fast enough through an intersection.

2. You start justifying giving The Intimidator move to the jerk next to you.

1. You get excited about a straightaway in front of a pile of dirt. Stunt Jump!

Comment Posting Fixed

With the recent update to WordPress 2.5 and my new theme, the commenting function was no longer working. I found the problem and have fixed it. Thanks for letting me know, Jesse! So, feel free to post comments…

Thanks For Conserving Water, Here’s The Bill!

Dry DrainLike many regions across the US, the Charlotte area has been experiencing a drought. The city and surrounding counties imposed mandatory water restrictions including no watering of lawns, no car washing and no fountains or pools. Residents were also encouraged to take shorter showers and run less loads in the dishwasher and washing machine. Residents complied and due to recent rains, the drought status will soon be downgraded.

There was another effect of residents using less water in the past few months. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities Department made less money, leading to a whopping $20 million deficit. Charlotte City Council is bailing them out by approving a 15 percent hike in the water and sewer rates starting next month.

So, our prize for doing what the city mandated? Less water for a higher price. How no one at the Utilities Department or City Council foresaw this is mind boggling. Perhaps they were dehydrated…

Where’d Ya Go?

Well, hello there. Can it have been 6 months since I last posted? What a slacker. Let see, what’s been going on…

We’ve been in Charlotte, NC for almost a year now. Myjive is full time, going strong and certainly busy. Maybe that can be my excuse…

Instead I’ll just say – I’m back to being an active blogger. I’ve got a lot to say. And a lot of music to tell you about. Plus, I need to rant.

Oh, and I’ve updated to WordPress 2.5 and implemented a new theme. It’s more streamlined and optimized.

Dinner in L.A.

Recently, the Myjive crew headed out West on business – specifically Los Angeles. It was a great time as we met with a ton of clients and friends. While there we stayed in Hollywood, but traveled all over the city. After business hours we did some sightseeing including the Walk of Fame, Mann’s Chinese Theater, etc. When we returned to the East Coast, I kept getting the half-sarcastic question, “Did you see any celebrities?” Well, actually…

Steven WeberOne night we went to dinner at Genghis Cohen a fantastic hybrid-Chinese restaurant. After we were seated, I looked to the table next to me into the face of Steven Weber (Studio 60, Wings). It was a pretty surreal moment as I had never really seen a non-athlete celebrity. Throughout the meal I begin to recognize his dinning companions were Richard Kind and Michael Boatman from Spin City. Later, they were chatting with a table across from them where Jeffrey Ross (stand-up comedian) was sitting.

Let me answer all your questions. No, I didn’t get autographs. No, I didn’t say hello. No, I didn’t take a picture. A long time ago I told myself if I ever saw a celeb, I’d let them be. I mean, who wants their dinner interrupted by some stranger. Anyway, it was an excellent dinner with good company and yes, we saw some celebrities.

MSU Radio Host Goes Off On Air

Last Saturday night, leading 31-14 at halftime, Michigan State allowed 19 Notre Dame points in the last 8:18 of the fourth quarter in which quarterback Drew Stanton turned the ball over 3 straight times including a go-ahead pick-six. After the remarkable “choke job”, a MSU Radio Host, Mike Valenti, of The Sports Inferno goes off for nearly 16 minutes. Take a listen, It’s priceless.

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