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Drip Drip

Leak LogoA few months ago, my company Myjive launched a press site. Recently, we overhauled the style and updated our recent “drips”. Check out the Leak to see what we have been up to: ABC-HD, Dumb Luck Productions, Many Grains…

Got a Leak?

Myjive Leak As many of you are aware, my company Myjive has gotten very busy lately. In the fast paced technology industry, thing happen quickly. We have multiple active projects and collaborations involving people accross the globe. We also dabble in side projects purely out of creativity, curiousity or you could even say geekiness.

Not all of these ventures come to fruition yet or have been made public. So, if you are curious about what we’ve been up to you can check out the Leak. The Leak is where we post about new and exciting work going on behind closed doors. Go ahead… get your feet wet!